Pamela Causey Stanforth

Mother, grandmother, sister and aunt of multiple young teenage darlings having been influenced by fairytale storylines presented by the social culture of our time. Her concern and hope are to present a true winsome fairytale story with all the drama and dreams that girls wish for, while infusing it with faith, hope and love presented in biblical morality, maintaining integrity within age appropriate content.

Pamela was feature writer for London Community Paper, given numerous Headline and jump; coverage, from her interviews with people living out real-life love stories, the hidden heroes and heroines within the community at large. Her stories hi-lighted the trials and triumphs faced within decades of relationships.   

Born in Louisiana, living for a time in the old slave quarters on Little Eva Plantation resonates within her testimony and life story and is evident in her speaking, writings and paintings. She is a self-taught fine artist, motivational speaker, and has served as evangelist and Christian School teacher. She speaks to her passion as, “To be available to Him for His Purpose, to serve Him through encouraging others to walk a little further, seek a little longer and discover just a little more heart as they knock and wait for the door to open.”

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