I was born to parents both of whom had art talent. I was drawing cartoon characters from the comics at an early age.

I studied engineering at The Ohio State University where I learned perspective drawing in engineering drawing classes.  As I raised my family I would occasionally draw something for my sons, but I didn’t get into serious art until my last son went to college. I started out drawing with ink, pencil, charcoal and colored pencil. My subject matter was usually historic buildings or old barns because I found beauty in the old architecture.

My drawing took off in retirement twenty years ago when I expanded into other mediums; watercolor, pastel and acrylic paint. I would sometimes combine ink drawings with one of these other mediums. At this time I expanded my subject matter to nature; including animals, birds, flowers and landscapes.  The beauty I see in nature inspires me to preserve it in my art.  

I am a self taught artist getting most of my training out of books or from You-Tube videos. I have exhibited twice at the Gallery On High, at the London Chamber of Commerce, at Upper Arlington Lutheran Church, at Big Bear Art Gallery in Big Bear California and I have several pieces at Terra Gallery in Dublin, OH.  

Barb and I put together a YouTube video for some of my recent art.  The subject of this one is The Four Seasons.  We selected my paintings and drawings matching the subject.  I show 20 pieces with 5 each for the seasons.  

With Covid-19, live art shows are hard to do.  So, this is the next best thing.”

-Ned Neely.        VIDEO LINK