Alice is mostly a self-taught artist, her degree being in Computer & Information Science from The Ohio State University.  She started painting in 2006 and has taken multiple classes and workshops since then from local instructors such as Mark Gingerich, Harry Croghan, Kimberly Lattimer and Judy Dillon Smith.  In early 2008, she, along with a small group of local artists, founded the London Visual Arts Guild.  Alice was elected the Guild’s first President and led the group through the renovations of the spaces that would become Gallery on High and Studio 7 in beautiful downtown London, Ohio.  In late 2010, she stepped down from the Board of Directors, but retained the role of Webmaster and continues to design promotional materials and keep the LVAG website up to date with current exhibits, events and classes.

Artist’s Statement:

At OSU, I would wander the art aisles of the book stores and admire the textures of the brushes and the colors of the paints, wishing I had the money to take an art class.  In my junior year I splurged (as only a poor college student can) and bought 3 brushes plus a small set of paints. Within a few months they were ruined because I had no idea how to take care of them. I splurged again on a few colored pencils and spent my free time drawing.  Then marriage and raising my children became my life and even those few supplies were relegated to the back of my sewing box.  Every kind of craft lured me in my spare time… until the year I turned 40. There was an ad in the newspaper for a 6-week beginner painting class at the West Jefferson public library, taught by Harry Croghan.  I jumped at it and have never looked back.  Painting is still just a hobby, but I have found a comfort in it which all the other types of crafts never came close to. Those 3 original brushes are still with me, tucked safely in amongst the dozens of brushes I’ve bought since then, reminding me that sometimes we don’t even realize we have a dream.