Multi-Media Workshop February 25th

Workshop Description:

MIXED-MEDIA WORKSHOP by Jennifer Tritle, M.S.
Saturday, February 25th, 10am to noon

Register no later than February 18th –

Cell: 937-346-5336


Mixed-media has many definitions. In the visual arts, it can refer to assemblages, collages, and various art journaling techniques. Its description includes anything from ink pen applied to an oil painting, to built-up assemblages created from salvaged materials, to mixed-media elements applied to altered books and art journals. This diverse art form has come to describe any artwork in which more than one medium or material is used in creating.

This workshop surpasses a demo. You will be given a hands-on opportunity to create your own, small mixed-media project from products and elements commonly used in mixed-media artwork. You will have a chance to experience inks, adhesives, stencils, stamps, papers, and several different texture elements. My goal is for you to gain some familiarity and confidence in this art form so that you can enjoy this creative process on your own time. The workshop is free of charge, and all materials will be provided. NOTE: If you have a particular element of your own that you might wish to incorporate or learn to incorporate into your project, feel free to bring it with you. (Also feel free to bring beverages and snacks).